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Microsoft Word – Introduction

This course is designed to equip participants to create professional-looking documents.  It provides a solid understanding of the importance of styles in Word.  In this level, emphasis is given to the composition of the different sections of constructing a professional letter.  Participants will learn to use the options under the Font and Paragraph groups to shape their documents.  Participants will learn to check and make corrections to spelling and grammatical errors.


  • Construct professional-looking documents
  • Become more adept to finding alternate words using the built-in thesaurus
  • Learn the spelling of words
  • Check sentences and paragraphs for grammatical errors

Course Content

  • Understand the different ribbons of command buttons and contextual menus
  • Use the Quick Access Toolbar to place the most useful command buttons as shortcuts
  • Learn all about Styles
  • Learn to shape document using the font and paragraph command options
  • Construct paragraphs and proper spacing
  • Review the spelling and grammar
  • Preview document before printing

Recommended Duration

9 hours conducted in 3-hour sessions

Target Audience

Employees of all experience levels and job classifications who are interested in creating documents that follow basic rules and standards of a professional-looking format.