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Microsoft Word – Advanced

This course is designed to equip participants with a higher skill level to build and manage documents.  It provides a solid understanding to create Quick Parts.  Participants will learn to work with Objects, Fields and the Building Block Organizer.  They will learn to mark entries for Indexing.  Participants will learn to create envelopes and labels.  They will have a solid understanding of Mail Merge. Emphasis will be provided on identifying changes in the document with tracking.   Participants will learn to create interactive forms using content and ActiveX controls.


  • Create the complete documentation package from front to end
  • Develop fields and rules to include in mail merge documentation
  • Learn to work with form controls and do some coding
  • Learn to publish interactive forms
  • Keep parts of the document stored to be reused
  • Track changes to document

Course Content

  • Understand the value of Quick Parts
  • Recognize the built-in fields
  • Learn to create and apply field code
  • Learn to mark document entries to pull into index
  • Learn to bookmark
  • Create Mail Merge
  • Design and build interactive forms
  • Learn to safeguard documents

Recommended Duration

12 hours conducted in 3-hour sessions

Target Audience

Employees with intermediate level in Word and are interested in growing their skills into an advanced level.