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Microsoft Access – Level 2

This indispensable course will equip you with the proper tools needed to further your knowledge of databases.  The participants learn the different types of queries.  They will learn to import and export data from and to other applications.  The participants will learn to use the Macro Builder, Expression Builder and Code Builder to further the functionality of controls.  They will learn how to safeguard the data. 


  • Learn to create different types of queries
  • Build code for control buttons
  • Use ComboBoxes and Lists to select data
  • Learn to export data to shape in Excel
  • Learn to import data back into Access tables
  • Print database documentation
  • View object dependencies
  • Safeguard your data

Course Content

  • Learn to create different types of queries, such as; Make Table, Append, Update, Crosstab, Delete and Parameter
  • Learn form controls and its properties
  • Add controls to reports
  • Use the Database Documenter
  • Use the Object Dependencies to view the objects associations to others
  • Run the Analyze Performance and Analyze Table to see the health of the database
  • Split database to safeguard tables
  • Define the properties applicable for users
  • Compact and repair database
  • Backup database
  • Save database as an executable file

Recommended Duration

18 hours conducted in 3-hour sessions

Target Audience

Employees who have completed Access – Level 1 and who are interested to create complete databases with menus and action buttons.