Microsoft Project – Level 1

This indispensable course will equip participants with the proper tools needed to manage projects.  The participants will learn to organize projects into phases and outline the tasks within each phase.  They will learn to set durations to tasks and assign resources, as in; people, materials and cost.  The participants will learn to prioritize the flow of projects.  They will learn to track the status of tasks and assess if projects are falling behind its trajectory.


  • Learn to set the proper calendars to match projects
  • Organize projects into manageable phases
  • Define the tasks to complete projects
  • Prioritize the flow to complete tasks
  • Assign resources to projects
  • View summary of cost at any time
  • Monitor projects using Gantt Charts

Course Content

  • Define projects’ objective, as in; deliverable, service or finish product
  • Prepare calendar for project
  • Define the phases and timelines
  • Organize tasks into phases
  • Define the duration and priority of tasks
  • Identify the cost of resources
  • Assign resources to tasks
  • Save baselines to monitor progress


Recommended Duration

12 hours conducted in 3-hour sessions

Target Audience

Employees of all experience levels and job classifications who are interested in organizing their projects in a manner that would enable them to track progress and cost.


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