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Microsoft Project – Level 2

This indispensable course will equip participants with the proper tools needed to manage projects.  The participants will learn to track progress.  They will learn to make adjustments to projects.  They will learn to create reports of progress, cost and assignments. The participants will learn to create visual reports using graphs to make timeline comparisons.  They will learn to create visual reports into Excel and Visio. They will learn to manage many projects within a master project.


  • Learn to monitor projects with tracking
  • Make comparisons of project progress using baselines
  • Learn to reassign resources
  • Leveling tasks for resources
  • Monitor costs
  • Generate reports
  • Delay or reinstate projects
  • Create visuals in Excel and Visio

Course Content

  • Start tracking progress
  • Compare progress using baselines
  • Leveling tasks assignments to resources
  • Merge projects
  • Create a master project
  • Learn to halt, delay or reinstate a project
  • Create useful reports to track projects’ progress and cost
  • Create visual reports in Excel and Visio

Recommended Duration

12 hours conducted in 3-hour sessions

Target Audience

Employees that completed Level 1 and are interested in managing their projects and creating useful reports