Microsoft Outlook – Level 1

This valuable course will equip the participants with the proper tools needed to read and write emails. The participants learn to convert an email into a meeting, appointment or event directly into the calendar.  The participants learn to convert an email into a task.  They will learn to direct emails to recipients from the address book(s).  The participants learn email etiquette for a business environment.  They learn to prioritize emails, as well as categorize it. 


  • Learn to email and manage emails in the Inbox
  • Identify the important emails instantly
  • Recall or resend an email
  • Create a calendar event from an email
  • Set alarms to events on calendar
  • Print or email calendar
  • Keep notes as reminders
  • Set up groups in address book

Course Content

  • Learn about the To-do bar
  • Learn about the Inbox
  • Learn to write email using business etiquette
  • Understand who gets to see the email
  • Understand when to apply tracking for a delivery receipt and read receipt
  • Learn the email options that can be applied, such as; Delay delivery, Expires after, Direct Replies To, and set importance level
  • Learn to recall or resend an email
  • Understand Voting buttons
  • Learn about Calendar
  • Schedule appointments, meetings or events directly from an email
  • Flag emails for handling at a specific time
  • Learn about Tasks
  • Learn to set up new contacts
  • Learn to add contacts to groups


Recommended Duration

9 hours conducted in 3-hour sessions

Target Audience

Employees of all experience levels and job classifications who are interested to send and receive email, as well as keep track of calendar events.

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