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​Microsoft Excel – Introduction

This indispensable course will equip the participants with the proper tools to start working in Excel.  The participant will get familiar with Excel’s order to process calculations.  The participants will understand the importance of cell addresses and methods to reference cells.  They will learn the two jobs of the Name Box.  The best practices in writing formulas.  Some basic commands, functions and formulas will be learned in this level.  The participant will learn to use the formatting tools to shape cells and content.  They will learn to use shortcut keys to be more proficient. 


  • Learn the different cell referencing methods
  • Under the Excel’s order of operation
  • Learn to work with shortcut keys
  • Learn to build basic formulas and functions
  • Understand how to name cells
  • Use Conditional Formatting to identify duplicate entries

Course Content

  • Learn the Excel environment
  • Learn to shape cells and content
  • Use Quick Access Toolbar for shortcut keys
  • Use keyboard shortcuts to work faster
  • Learn the jobs of the Name Box
  • Learn Excel’s order of operation
  • Use names in formulas
  • Learn basic function, such as; SUM, AVERAGE, COUNT, CONCATENATE, RIGHT, LEFT, MID, LEN
  • Learn to use built-in commands, such as; Text to Column and Conditional Formatting

Recommended Duration

9 hours conducted in 3-hour sessions

Target Audience

Employees of all experience levels and job classifications which would benefit to use Excel for reporting; sales, inventory, tracking orders and other functionalities that require calculations.