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Microsoft Excel – Advanced

This indispensable course will equip the participants with the proper tools to reach higher stages of knowledge in Excel.  The participants will learn to manage larger data collections.  They will be able to build queries to return partial data based on criteria. Participants will learn to automate their work with building macros.  They will be able to share and track changes made by other users.  They will be able to use add-ins for helpful tools like Solver.  Participants will work with the What-if Analysis commands.


  • Automate repetitive steps using macros
  • Understand how Visual Basic for Application works
  • Learn to query large data collections to create reports
  • Track data changes made by others
  • Use Solver to find best solutions
  • Use What-if Analysis tools to create scenarios for data analysis

Course Content

  • Create relative reference macros
  • Create absolute reference macros
  • Learn to work with Visual Basic for Application
  • Create buttons to run macros
  • Create parameter queries to pull data from a large data collection
  • Understand data connections
  • Share and track data changes
  • Use Solver to examine results for decision-making
  • Build scenarios with Goal Seek, Scenario Manager and Data Table

Recommended Duration

18 hours conducted in 3-hour sessions

Target Audience

Employees with a solid Excel experience and job classifications that would benefit using Excel for data analysis and reporting.  And, have a need to automate repetitive tasks.