Microsoft Word – Intermediate

This course is designed to equip participants with more tools to produce from a simple document to a multiple page document.  It provides a solid understanding of section breaks and pagination.  Participants will learn best practices in using styles to manage document content.  They will learn to insert graphical items and manage text behavior.  The navigation pane will be used to relocate paragraphs. Participants will learn to work with document’s header and footer.  They will also learn to complete multiple page documents with a table of content and cover page.


  • Create the proper pagination for different sections of a document
  • Create the fitting margins and spacing, font and font size
  • Shape the document with themes
  • Insert document’s header and footer
  • Develop a complete documentation to include; pagination, table of content, table of figures and cover page
  • Watermark document for proper handling
  • Understand the different formats to save document

Course Content

  • Learn the importance of link styles
  • Apply section breaks
  • Apply pagination formats for each section
  • Learn text behavior with graphical items
  • Insert captions to graphical items
  • Select the proper margins and spacing
  • Create custom watermarks
  • Create document’s header and footer
  • Save document to different formats

Recommended Duration

12 hours conducted in 3-hour sessions

Target Audience

Employees of all job classifications who are interested in growing their skills in Word to the next level to produce multiple page documentation with the proper professional presentation.


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